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Astronaut Starry Sky Projector
Astronaut Starry Sky Projector

Astronaut Starry Sky Projector


  • 🔴【MULTI-SCENE USE】- The Star Astronaut Projector can be used as a night light/game theme light or as a table decoration. The Astronaut Projector projects beautiful images of space directly onto your walls and ceilings, which helps to calm small children, nurture their talents and creativity, stimulate their interest in astronomy, and create a romantic date atmosphere for you and your loved one.
  • 🟠【MULTI-MODE LIGHTING】- The Star Astronaut Projector has a projection that presents a nebula pattern and a projection that presents stars. The astronaut projector has 8 types of nebula effects, high resolution nebulae and stars presented on the ceiling or wall, colorful nebulae floating quietly under the night sky, allowing you to experience a colorful starry night.
  • 🟡【REMOTE CONTROL & TIMER FUNCTION】- Inside the box is the remote control that we included, which allows you to control it remotely anytime and anywhere. The remote control can control the following range: nebula brightness, nebula color, nebula flow speed, star brightness, and star breathing frequency. The Astronaut projector has a timer function, so you can set the switch time without getting up to turn off the projector, helping you reduce unnecessary power consumption.
  • 🔵【USB POWERED & ADJUSTABLE HEAD】- More durable and safer than other star projectors.It uses USB connection, which expands its usage scenarios. You can use USB power source to power it anytime and anywhere. The projector’s head can be adjusted 360° left and right as well as 120° up and down, allowing it to irradiate a greater range of effects that can be shown in your space.
  • 🟣【THE FINE GIFT&AFTER SALES SERVICE】- This’s the fine ornament gift for friends, family and colleagues. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. Whether you are in a cozy home or in a passionate party, it can easily blend into the surrounding environment.

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How to connect and use the the Astronaut Starry Sky Projector:

Step 1: First, find the USB cable in the box that connects to the Astronaut projector. The “DC” port side connects to the small hole in the book bag on the back of the Astronaut, and the USB port side can be connected to any power supply or mobile power.

Step 2: There is a light on the far left side of the astronaut projector backpack, this is the timing indicator. The first button is to control the “nebula” switch, the second button is to control the power switch, and the third button is to control the “star” switch.

Step 3: Inside the box is our included remote control, which allows you to control its lighting effects remotely as you wish. The instructions for the remote control you can see in the manual and the sixth picture on the home page.