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Правила использования

Welcome to the «» online store website; by using our service you agree to be bound by these User Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using the website:

1. Definition of Terms  

The terms used in this Agreement shall have the following meanings:

  1. Seller — Individual Entrepreneur, «Mikael Tan» operating as «» that sells the goods to the buyers outside of sales outlet, i.e. carries out remote selling, through a global network, from the internet store.
  2. Buyer — natural person authorized on website, who places order through our website.
  3. Recipient — natural person indicated (referred) by the buyer when creating a purchase order at whose address the goods are to be delivered by the Seller.
  4.’ – “Mikael Tan, Individual Entrepreneur;
  5. Website’ – Web address in the possession of ( and all its subpages;
  6. Online Store’ – internet store which is in the possession of and the web address of which is specified in the paragraph 5 of the Article 1 of the Agreement;
  7. Goods’, ‘Product’, ‘Products’– commodity which is placed on website for sale purposes;
  8. Cookies’ – electronic identifiers, the so-called Cookie Files, which are generated by website and are stored in your electronic device when you are browsing our website. Processing and analytics of the data gathered through Cookie Files enable us to get information about your preferences and to remember it for ensuring further improvement of your browsing experience on website and customize our website according to your individual interests. In addition, if you enable Cookies in your browser, you will have access to certain additional features. Generally, you can obtain the information how to block Cookie Files on your browser from the website of the web browser manufacturer, however in this case, you won’t be able to enjoy above features that make our relationship comfortable, therefore we recommend to always turn cookie settings on when visiting our website;
  9. Visitor’ – natural person visiting website by electronic communication means without undergoing authorization on the website.
  10. Authorization’ – function of specifying access rights to information resources available on website, which is related to the computer and information security and together with other rights and privileges, gives permission to the individual to create own profile on website, as well as to enter, become familiar with, amend or add new one for the purpose of using the online store service;
  11. User Page’ – sub-page on the online store website which is created by the user upon signing up and which reflects the information entered in such user’s profile, as well as the orders made by him/her and other related information;
  12. Signing In‘ – granting a specifying access right to the natural person by entering the user name and password in the relevant section on website and by requesting the authorization;
  13. Signing Up‘ – going through a special procedure by the natural person on website through web browser meaning that to create username and password by such person and to enable the person to go through an authorization procedure on online store website;
  14. Personal Information’ – information which is defined as “personal data” by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection;
  15. Profile’ – information filled in by the user about himself/herself at the time of signing up.
  16. Information about the User’ – electronic and other information, as well as personal information gathered by about its website users and visitors;
  17. User’ – natural person who has signed up for website;
  18. Password’ – combination of characters established by the person when signing up for website in order to have access to his/her own user page and to prevent unauthorized access by other persons;
  19. E-mail address’ –virtual name of the person which he/she applies at the moment of singing up for website in order to be identified as the user of;
  20. Delivery Company’ – the company which, in certain cases, provides transportation of products ordered by the user on website and is responsible for timely delivery thereof with observance of the company/factory (original) packaging and appearance of goods.

2. Time Frames for placing and fulfilling the Order

2.1 The buyer can place an order through online store after passing authorization procedure for website.  

2.2 When placing the order, the buyer provides the seller with the necessary information: in particular, name, surname, buyer’s or recipient’s ID number, address where the goods are to be delivered, contact phone number and other information to be specified in the electronic purchase order form.

2.3 When placing the order through the internet, the buyer fills out the electronic purchase order form and sends it to the seller by means of the internet.

2.4 Upon receipt of the order, the seller agrees the date and time of delivery by phone, e-mail or other means of communication. This date and time depend upon the region where delivery is to be made and the time required for processing the order.   

2.5 If, upon receipt of the order, it appears that the number of the goods ordered is insufficient in the seller’s warehouse or the product is not available at all, the seller informs about it to the buyer by phone or e-mail. The buyer is entitled to agree and accept the goods in quantities at the seller’s disposal or remove this item of goods from the order. In the event of failure to obtain the response from the buyer within 3 (three) calendar days after sending the notification, the seller may cancel the order in full. In case of cancelation of the order, the cost of the products paid by the buyer shall be subject to refund within 5 (five) banking days.   

2.6. The seller reserves the right, at any time, to cancel the order accepted and to pay back the purchase price to the user no later than within 05 (five) banking days upon cancellation hereof.  

2.7. All materials presented on the website are of informative nature and may not fully reflect the absolutely reliable information about the features and specifications of the goods, including the color, dimensions and shapes thereof. If the buyer has any question in relation to the features and specifications of the goods, he/she shall contact to the seller by phone or e-mail.

2.8. Delivery period for the products ordered on the territory of Tbilisi shall be not more than 2 (two) business days, and in the regions – not more than 7 (seven) business days.  In unforeseen circumstances, the delivery term may be increased about which the representative of the company will notify you by phone, e-mail or other means of communication. 

3. Electronic Communication

3.1. When you place an order on our website or send us the notification, you conduct an electronic communication with the company, respectively, the company responds to your question or request in an electronic form (except the cases provided for by the law) or by writing to your e-mail address or/and publishing the information (response) in the relevant department. Therefore, in establishing the relations with us, you agree that the electronic communication between you and the company has the force of written document and both parties have right to use it as formal correspondence made between the parties.

4. Copyrights

4.1. online store design, all the products, text, melody, images, icons, logos, and electronically downloadable content placed thereon are in the possession of or the manufacturers/suppliers of such materials and are protected by copyrights in accordance with the Georgian and international legislations. 

5. User Page

5.1. If you use online store and have signed up for online shop website, then you have a password to access to your page. It’s your responsibility to protect the password against disseminating to third parties.     

6. Underage Buyer

6.1. does not sell products to underage persons. In such case, the product shall be ordered in agreement with the authorized representative of the underage person. reserves the right to cancel any order without a prior consent.

7. Risk of Loss of or damage to the Product

7.1. In the event of purchase of products through online store, shall ensure delivery of the product to the user by its own efforts or with the help of the hired delivery company.

7.2. For avoidance of any misunderstanding during transportation of the products by the courier company, the user is obliged not to accept the product that is damaged or has other type of defect and to promptly inform about it by sending notification to the following e-mail: or by calling to the designated phone number which is indicated on the website. In case of accepting above mentioned type of delivery by buyer is not obliged to consider user’s complaints.

Irrespective of the fact that our company is focused on customer satisfaction, we cannot assume responsibility for faults, negligence and possible low-quality service from the intermediary company; therefore, we insist our customers carefully check the state of the shipment until signing the relevant documents presented by the courier company.  The user has right to open the shipment together with the courier until handing over hereof, as well as to make sure that it is not damaged, that the model and quantity is correct/ adequate and only after it to sign the shipment delivery document.

7.3. If the products bought for the user are transported by the company itself, for avoiding any misunderstanding, the user is obliged not to accept the shipment that is damaged or has other defect and to raise the complaint in this respect with the supplier courier, who will inform the company about such event within the shortest possible time.

7.4. If the products delivered exhibit a hidden defect, which cannot be detected at the moment of initial inspection hereof, the user shall visit the company specified branch no later than within 7 (seven) calendar days, which will identify whether the defect is manufacturing or mechanical and only after it the final decision will be made.   

8. Product Return Terms and Conditions

8.1. As defined in Article 7 of the Agreement, you have right not to accept the products if they fail to comply with the ones published on the website or ordered by you. Compliance of the ordered products with the ones published on the website must be checked at the moment of handing over the order in presence of the courier.

8.2. If the products delivered fail to comply with the ordered ones, you are entitled not to accept the products and not to sign the Act of Delivery and Acceptance. In such case, we’ll provide you with the new product or its alternative within the shortest possible period of time. If we are not able to deliver a new product or replace it with the acceptable alternative, the cost of this product shall be refunded no later than within 5 (five) business days.

8.3. Product compliance shall be confirmed by signing the Act of Delivery and Acceptance. In case of signing the Act of Delivery and Acceptance, delivered products shall not be subject to return/replacement.   

8.4. Whereas the visual characteristics of the products placed on the site may slightly differ from the actual appearance of the products, such difference shall not be regarded as the non-conformity between the products ordered and the products delivered. For avoidance of any doubt, the buyer may contact to the seller to clarify details prior to ordering.

9. Editing, Deletion, Adding, Modification  

9.1. The store reserves an exclusive right to delete or complement any information, prices, purchase terms and conditions, as well as delivery and service terms and conditions available on the website without a prior warning. Also, it has right to modify or cancel all terms and conditions as regard to the purchase of goods. The amended agreement shall come into effect upon publication and shall affect the transactions that have been made on the site after such publication.

10. Right of Cancellation

10.1 The seller reserves the right, at its own discretion, to cancel or terminate the sale of any product, also to govern the access and prices of certain goods.    

11. Product Value

11.1. Prices given on our website include the cost of the products and all taxes provided for by the laws of Georgia. 

11.2. If it appears that the price specified on the website does not comply with the actual product value, and the error in product price deteriorates the purchase conditions for the user, we’ll agree such case with you and fulfill your order only upon your consent. In case of failure to reach the agreement, your order will be cancelled. 

11.3. Transportation of the ordered products may be paid or be free of charge, at the seller’s choice. If, at the time of making the specific order, delivery of the products to the user is paid, transportation cost shall be automatically added to the product price, which will be reflected in the payable amount on banking transaction page.  

11.4. Payment shall be made in non-cash settlement. After selecting the desired products, the amount shall be automatically deducted from your bank account when clicking the payment button.   

12. Limited responsibility

12.1. online store is provided on an “as-is” and “as available” basis and you agree on this condition when enjoying its service. bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or loss incurred as a result of using or non-using of online store.

12.2. is responsible for the damage caused during transportation of products, however, the user is required to notify any unfavorable event  to and the company reserves the right to make a final decision with regards to the problem occurred.

13. Official Correspondence to  

13.1. Official correspondence and letters addressed to shall be deemed handed over if delivered in writing at the following address: N49 Mikheil Gakhokidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.  

14. Personal Information  

14.1. In carrying out its activities, is obliged to protect users’ personal data in accordance with the laws of Georgia, including the Law on Personal Data Protection.  

14.2. Below is information on the personal data that we process and use for successful working of online store and provision of efficient service for you:

The information gathered enables us to constantly improve and simplify our service. The types of information which we use are given below:

▪ Information you provide – we receive and keep any information which you provide in online store or by other means. You are able not to present certain information, but in such case, you cannot take advantages for which such information is required, for example, if we do not your address, we’ll not be able to deliver a product and to calculate the transportation cost until providing the information about the address.  

▪ Information provided automatically – we keep and use the information provided automatically by your web browser such as ‘cookies’. 

▪ E-mail – For improving electronic communications, we often receive a confirmation that you have obtained our letter and become familiar with it.

▪ Information obtained from other sources – we may also receive information about you from other sources and add this information into your data. For example, if you apply authorization procedure through Facebook, then we can automatically take information about you which is publicly available on Facebook.

15. Cookies – Cookie Files

15.1. Cookie Files are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other electronic device when visiting our website. These files are safe/ secure both for your computer or other device and for your security. While visiting our website, cookie files allow the website to remember you and help analyze how our or other website is used by you in case of each visit, which leads to better customize the website to the needs of our users.

15.2. By using website, you automatically agree to accept cookie files in your electronic device. 

You can find additional information about cookies in the internet space.

16. Transfer of Minimum Necessary Information to a third-party service provider

16.1. For the purpose of carrying out its activity with the help of a third-party service provider and providing a proper service to the users, uses bank and courier services of other companies. In this case, transfers necessary personal information (name, surname, address, ID number of the recipient, one-time code of order, date of order, etc.) to third party and/or parties.

▪ Business Development– Our Company is constantly developing; therefore, we may start new business activities; in such case we may use your personal information at our disposal for the purpose of our new business interests.

▪ Upon your consent– if we intend to transfer your personal information to any third party (other than the above cases), we will inform of it in writing and only on the basis of your approval, we will provide the third person with such information. 

17. Transfer of Information to a third party by consent of the user

17.1. Transfer of the personal data to any third party not provided for by this agreement and the law shall be made only on the basis of a written consent from the data subject. 

18. User’s Responsibility for protecting his/her personal data

18.1. You are responsible for preventing access to your computer or/and user page by other persons. Always log-out from your user page when leaving your computer unattended. Otherwise, we take no responsibility for any damage which will be caused as a result of application of your user page by unauthorized person. 

19. Force-Majeure

19.1. Parties to this Agreement shall not be responsible for non-fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this Agreement if it is caused by Force-Majeure, which makes the fulfillment of obligations impossible by the parties. Force-Majeure events shall include war, natural disaster (earthquake, flood, fire, landslide), epidemic.  In this respect, the time frames for performance of the obligations under the Agreement shall respectively postpone until completion of Force-Majeure. In such case the party shall be released from responsibility only during the existence of Force Majeure events. These obligations shall be immediately fulfilled as soon as the Force-Majeure events are completed.

20. User Access to own data

20.1. User shall have access to almost all his/her data placed on website and to all data which he/she has entered personally when signing up for website. User may, at any time, change, amend, complement the information provided thereby on website.

20.2. If the registered user wants to cancel his/her user page, he/she shall apply to with this request by e-mail. In the event of cancellation of the user page, user data kept in database shall not be deleted and they shall be retained in system with the guarantee of confidentiality.

21. Application Rules, Warnings and Changes

21.1. The seller reserves the right to make changes to the Standard Terms & Conditions at any time, about which we make our efforts to provide the information to our customers, despite the fact that we have no obligation in this respect, therefore, please, review our online store application rules from time to time.

22. Application of the Agreement and Making Amendments

22.1. This Agreement shall apply when a person uses website, as well as it applies to regulate the legal relations arisen from using the online store service.

22.2. In the event of any change to that part of the agreement governing the matter related to the sale of products delivered by, the rule established at the moment of legal relations initiated for purchase of certain product shall be effective and shall apply till completion of this legal relation.

22.3. Changes made to other part of the Agreement shall come into force upon their publication on website.

23. Delivery Terms and Conditions

23.1. If the order status on your user page shows “delivered”, yet you have not received the shipment, please, promptly let us know about such event to the following e-mail address:, and after recording the problem, the company will make all efforts to eliminate all misunderstanding/defect in a timely manner.

24. Additional Terms and Conditions

24.1. Relations not regulated by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, shall be governed in accordance with the applicable laws of Georgia.  

24.2. If any article, sub-paragraph, paragraph, clause, sentence of the User Terms & Conditions becomes invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.