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Smart Essential Oil Diffuser
Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Smart Essential Oil Diffuser


  • SMART TECHNOLOGY! – Ditch the on-unit buttons if you’d like, and control your smart essential oil diffuser from your phone or Amazon Alexa. Smart technology lets you can control your diffuser from anywhere!
  • SO MANY COLORS! – 7 LED light color options, plus night light or off-modes. And with the free app, the color possibilities are endless! Light up the room in whatever color matches your mood.
  • FLEXIBLE SETTINGS! – Choose from 1 hour, 3 Hour, 6 hour, or continuous mist timing options, and don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off – it has auto shut off! And with 3 mist modes to choose from (low/med/high), you control the flow. From small spaces to large locations, we’ve got you covered!
  • LONG LASTING! – With a large 400mL capacity, our diffuser lasts longer, so you refill less often.
  • MULTIPLE MIST HOLES! – With 7 mist holes, this diffuser provides excellent fragrance coverage over large areas! Combined with the mist flow control feature, our diffuser is perfect for any size room!

არ არის მარაგში

→ Whisper-quiet unit emits less than 35db of sound. Our oil diffuser won’t disrupt the conversation, relaxation or a good night’s sleep.
→ 7 LED colors plus night mode or off to choose from with the on unit buttons. Want more? The phone app has a color wheel that lets you customize the color to your liking. The possibilities are limitless!
→ Night light mode provides a dim glow to any dark room. Don’t want any light? No problem. Our oil diffuser has a dark mode.
→ Simple, easy to use on-unit buttons allow you to control 3 mist modes, color light display, on/off mode and timer functions.
→ Can be used with any type of water.
→ Auto-shutoff feature turns the unit off when the timer setting ends or when the oil diffuser is empty.
→ Non-slip base holds the oil diffuser in place on any countertop, nightstand, or other table surface.
→ Modern, elegantly designed lid and white/gray wood grain base to match any decor.

How to Use:
1. Remove top cover
2. Pour water from provided measuring cup to fill line
3. Add your favorite essential oil
4. Close the top and power on unit
5. Set color and timing options to your preferences

Package Contains:
1 x Essential Oil Diffuser
1 x Power Cord
1 x User Manual
1 x 150mL measuring cup
* Essential oils sold separately

APP Connection:

To connect to app, follow the instruction manual included with the diffuser. Or, download “Smart Life” app, click “add device”, “small home appliances”, “diffuser (Wi-Fi)”, then hold down the front buttons on diffuser to connect!

To connect to Alexa, follow the instructions on the Alexa app to add a device. Follow the steps when prompted. To put the diffuser in “pairing mode”, hold down the front two buttons until the unit is flashing.


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