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2 Pack Smart Light Bulbs
2 Pack Smart Light Bulbs

2 Pack Smart Light Bulbs – A19 E26, 7.5W 800LM


  • BEST CHOICE – 2 Pack Smart Light Bulbs are the best alternative of the strip lights, no harm to the wall. DO NOT USE DIMMER to control the bulb
  • Energy Saving – Low Wattage, High Brightness, Environmentally friendly
  • Sync to Music – Smart light bulb has 16 million colors, color changing with the music rhythm, a brilliant gift of Halloween and Christmas
  • Voice Control – Works with Alexa, Echo dot and Google Assistant for voice control, no hub required. (e.g. ‘Alexa, set the bedroom to purple’)
  • Remote Control – Group control multiple bulbs with PlusMinus APP whether you are home or away
  • Customize Scenes – Every color is dimmable and tunable, bright enough, you can set your preference mode
  • Schedule/Timer – Set timer if you always forget to turn off the color changing light bulb
  • Easy to install – Follow step-by-step with instructions, you only need 30s to connect the LED bulbs

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Smart WiFi LED Bulbs

Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Easily turn lights on/off, set groups or schedules. Customize light color or color temperature. The bulbs can be controlled with voice commands and an intuitive mobile app. Enjoy the management of your home lighting from any location or using your favorite smart home voice assistants.

  • Color changing / Tunable white
  • Voice control
  • Grouping
  • On/off and dim (with app or voice assistant)
  • Scheduling
  • Device sharing
  • Connect with AP mode if you are having challenges connecting our smart lights/bulbs to your router

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Free PlusMinus App

Easy to use mobile app that works with Android and iOS devices.

Just download the app and connect to your home WiFi network.

  • iOS 9.0+
  • Android 5.0+
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Required WiFi 2.4GHz
  • No hub required

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Group control

All devices can be controlled individually or collectively, all light in the home can be adjusted. Smart devices make life easier.

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Sync to Music

Lights react to the beats of your music, make the rhythm visible.

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High color rendering index

High color rendering light bulbs are valuable in home use, they can keep the original color of the objects under lighting, and bring you a vivid home atmosphere.6cb29c39 c8c4 4793 ba5c 317365649e32. CR00300300 PT0 SX300 V1

Energy Saving

Compared with 60W general bulb, Lumiman light bulbs can save more than 90% energy but have same brightness. In addition, the LED lifespan of the bulb can up to 50,000 hours, it will last for years without needing to be replaced.